With retractable seating of up to 120 seats, motor-powered house curtain tabs, full screen projector with white cyclorama and fully operational lighting desk and sound mixer, our all black theatre is the perfect performance space.  Also at request, side lighting, a black dance floor, wireless microphones and cameras for filming to accommodate for any style of performance.



Complete with two mirror covered walls, two air conditioning units, surround sound system, a whiteboard, a computer connected to a projector and a black dance floor, our dance studio is a perfect space for practicing and teaching multiple forms of dance as well as other activities such as yoga and karate.



The drama studio is a nice, intimate space for performances such as small cast plays and acoustic music sessions.  With a small lighting rig and surround sound equipment and the option of raised staging or seating, the drama studio is a lovely space for small performances.


The space also comes with a collapsable wall to divide the wall into two equal spaces and a computer and projector, which also makes this space ideal for rehearsals and classes.



The recording studio here at Leyton Sixth Form College is the perfect space for musicians to record professional sounding tracks. It boasts a Yamaha 01V96 mixer, a plethora of industry standard microphones and the latest iMac kitted out with Logic X. 

To help you achieve your music goals, an engineer is available on request. 



Our photography studio has a great space and can be easily shaped for the right mood for any shot, with a black or white backdrop, wide range of photography lights and reflectors.  It also has an easy access computer, fit with a standard classroom projector.